Sakit dan Rezeki

Orang bilang, sakit itu penghapus dosa kecil..
So, sebanyak apakah dosa kecil yg saya ada? -_-"

Orang juga bilang, selepas menikah murah rezeki..
Alhamdulillah, rezeki dapat offer kerja ada 3. Satu offer memang minat, tp blm confirm diterima n blm tau gaji brp.. Satu lg offer gaji besar, confirm kerja tp bukan my specialty n kurang minat. Tempat kerja pn agak jauh. Last offer, is the one that I think the best for my future..

Murah rezeki, alhamdulillah.
Sakit pun, alhamdulillah.
But, stress? I wish it's not long lasting. Can't handle more problems in life.

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You know that my 1st entry talking about iPhone4s has covered all of the HOT things about this amazing  iPhone? no, u don't know huh? just check it out n tell me that it does! hahaha..

I've told ya most about the features that iPhone4s got, compares to the previous iPhone4.. i also had mention that this very smart phone comes with the MOST AFFORDABLE plans that DiGi offered to you..

W H Y ?

This is why..
With only RM 2,090 you will get :

-- RM 1,400 rebate *RM 200 off RRP and RM 1,200 total rebates including Auto-billing*
-- RM 100 waiver for administration fee
-- Free delivery with online purchase
-- 30 day free trial for DiGiMusic™ Play

DiGi also recommended u which plan *nice, huh? u don't have to think, they already help u :)* u should choose.. as i see here, they recommend iDiGi 138 with auto-billing. 

Only RM88 every month, u can get the amazing iPhone *yet* who gives u pleasure to play games more realistic like how u play the games in laptop/desktop with their dual-core A5 chip, u also can get the best camera ever on a phone because u've got 8megapixel resolution with advanced color accuracy, face detection, and so on.. which makes ur picture looks exactly as it should. other than that, u can record video with the 1080p HD everywhere u go.. and u can edit it right on the iPhone4s u've got on ur hand, then share it to the world! what a fun thing to do, ait? there's a lot that u can get and explore when u buy this amazing iPhone *yet* with DiGi most AFFORDABLE plans.. i can say, u'll get the best OS that is iOS5, the highest resolution on the phone that is Retina display, the FaceTime that allows u call ur mom face-to-face, the AirPrint, the AirPlay.. hahahaha.. i couldn't imagine what else u want more from this iPhone because, its got it all!!!
IF u think RM88 is a lot, then u can choose the minimum plan! only RM55 per month! what a joy!!! aaah.. get urself an iPhone4s now with DiGi plans for ur new year's present! 
HO-HO-HO! *eh? that's X'mas. -__-"*

before i ended this entry with tears *happiness tears for sure*, i want u to know Two best things i love the most about this Amazing iPhone yet.

they are : the iCloud and The SIRI.

iCloud will help me stores wirelessly everything that i did/update on iPhone4s to my other devices! Automatic, effortless, and seamless.

And Siri, just like i've jotted before.. it's all what we need in a phone! aha!
One thing that i don't mention in the previous entry is that iPhone4s takes dictation
What is it exactly? It is another amazing way to get things done. 
How it works? Just use ur voice! instead of typing, u can just say what u wanna say and iPhone listens.
With this dictation thingy, u can write messages, take notes, search the web, update Facebook status, Tweet, or even send Instagrams!!!

i guess i can't get enough of it all!!!
refer to the badges that i put in this entry.. i really want an iPhone4s NOW!!! *wiping tears*

p/s. if i do got one, for sure i'll choose DiGi plan "The MOST AFFORDABLE" plans in Malaysia :D


still talking about iPhone4s.. which was caught my curiosity in a high level.. heh..
been googling around and found out thaaaat Siri was not just answer ur questions but she *its a SHE, ait? still don't know why it was called SIRI :D.. nvrmind* oow, just call it an IT, kay.
... It also lets u used ur voice to send messages! u also can place a phone call with the help of it. nice, huh?!

i give u the largest pic showing how Siri helps u..
all u have to do is ASK and it'll answer u back. Siri understands what u say, knows what u mean, and it even talks back to u! can u imagine that??? i can't.. until i get myself an iPhone4s and try it. hoh.

Sooo, i had a plan.. i'll go to any DiGi stores tomorrow.. to try iPhone4s. i heard that my friend already try it.. but i don't know where.. all i know that she went to the launched of iPhone4s a weeks ago.. i'll ask her tomorrow.
Or maybeee.. all i have to do is buy one for myself????!!
yeaah, as u know that DiGi offers u the MOST AFFORDABLE plans come with the MOST AMAZING iPhone *yet*.. everybody will go asap to DiGi stores.

umm.. myb i should ask Siri first. hahahaha.. but howww can i do that while i don't have an iPhone4s!!!

this is driving me craaazyyyy..!!

Should i ask my husband to buy me this???
yeah.. with the best plans that DiGi offered.. he'll interested.. it's only RM55!!! for a month! hoh!

i'm getting nervous.. Gosh!
i put a lotta "!" to my post..!

okay. cut it out.

whoever read this.. please, buy one with DiGi plans.. whether it is the RM55/month plan, the RM88/month plan or the RM156/month plan..

it's WORTH okay.
And remember, Your Wish is Its Command -Siri, 2011-


DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST is..
Asking lotsa questions to Siri! yeah.. having a phone that could answer what u've asked is a great thing, ait? well, i haven't try it yet.. but, based on my survey.. Siri does answer questions. So, it will be the first thing i'll do if i have an iPhone4s. :D

Other than the famous Siri, iPhone4s also has the most advanced mobile OS in the world *as they say :D* that is iOS5!
Sooo, why wait? wish i have rm2,090 right now in my bank account.. i'll go straight to any DiGi stores that still open tonite and buy this white, sleek, sexy beautiful smart phone called iPhone 4 s with the most affordable plans that DiGi offered. yay!

But, too bad.. i don't have such a beautiful amount of money.. v______v
that is whyyyyyy i post this entry! hahahaha.. just like the badge says :


DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME !!!


what a title.. yeaah.. who doesn't want an iPhone4s for free! :p

u know, sometimes i got jealous of people who can actually write what's on their mind just like that.. and click 'send' button. hehe.. for me, i have to think twice to write.. whether i want to post it or not. sometimes i just delete what i've wrote cos i think its not appropriate to read by all of my readers *sounds like i do have readers huh? lame.*

since DiGi promoting their best plans everrr with the launch of iPhone4s in Malaysia, which u.. yeah most of u all are dreaming for that phone, aren't u? hee.. DiGi gives u a very great deal for iPhone4s plan.. u can check it out at here..

aaand while u check, i'll give u a couple of reasons WHY u have to buy iPhone4s with DiGi plans..

first. it's iPhone4s guys!
second. they say it's the most amazing iPhone yet. haha!
third. it's the MOST AFFORDABLE plans that DiGi offered. hooo yeah.

should i continue?
no, i don't.. three reasons are enough to convinced YOU to start making note on your OLD phone's calendar that u have to go to DiGi stores tomorrow to order an iPhone4s with their tremendous plans! *what a word.. hahahaha*

then, WHY iPhone4s?

because... the processor is a dual-core A5 chip which u can't even imagine how fast it is processing all of the application that u have downloaded in ur iPhone! just like a blink. omaigod.. omaigod..
it also has a built-in 8mp camera! seriously??? yeah.. i am serious..
aaand u can video record urself singing Justin Bieber song's "mistletoe" *the new one, yeah..* and upload it on youtube.. and then u get caught by a guy who named Usher maybe.. hahahha.. in your dream -___-"
oooh, what else? there are lotsa great things in iPhone4s that u can explore by urself here and i'll just give u one reason why i love this phone..

It gives me a pleasure to edit my picture just like adobe photoshop did! that's what i love the most about iPhone4s. hihi. oh! don't forget that it has SIRI.. a friend when u get lonely. u can ask anything to her *it's her, isn't she?*

okay, that's two. not one. hahahaha. nvrmind.

as i said up there.. DiGi iPhone FOR SURE FOR ME! *big smile*


Birthday Bash

Yaay \(´▽`)/
Though it's a lil late to post about my birthday bash *which is not like another birthday bash i've attended so far haha* I assumed it's still HOT if I put up the story here, today.. Cuma lewat 3hari from my bday.. Masih halal kan? ;)

The 13rd of November.. Last Sunday, was my birthday. The 1st time I experienced birthday with a husband. Hehe. Yea yea, blom cite pasal my wedding.. Ttbe dah cite pasal bday bersama suami. Kan? mcm x kne je.
Nantiii.. nanti saya cite pasal wedding plak. Entry khas bday ni bersebab. :D U'll know why, later.

Cite punya cite.. Hari sabtu tu, my husband keje setengah hari. Balik keje, kami kemas rumah sama2.. Romantik x? Hahahahaha.. Ok x -_-"
Ni mmg janji dr awal2 *dia yg janji bukan saya suruh dia janji* stiap weekend, he'll help me with the housework. So, terjadilah acara mengemop lantai.. bakar kemenyan aromaterapi bagi wangi rumah.. Cuci pinggan, dll..
Lepas kemas2 sume tu, kami bsiap pegi Nilai 3.. Nak cari tempat utk letak barang2 hantaran. Mesti nak tanya, barang hantaran apa plak lg niiii.. :D
Barang hantaran utk kenduri belah laki laaaa.. Tgk tu, dah tercerita sikit2 pasal wedding. Pdhl ni entry pasal bday -_-"

Ok, back to my bday story.. Balik Nilai 3, kami dah penat.. Tp, blm makan lg.. Tringin plak makan sup meletop. Then, kami pegi la makan.. siap bungkus plak nasik ayam kt kedai sup meletop tu.. Punya laa sedap. Ish ish ish..
Sampai rumah, my husband ni ckp dia nak pg uptown danau kota. Klo dah pg sana, sah2 balik lambat. Pastu, saya ni apalagi.. Merengek ckp esok bday.. Xkan la nk tinggal sorg2 plak :( eeeeh, suami ni byk alasan. Mmg kne pg. Then, saya pk.. Takpela.. Nti dia balik, mesti dia wish jgk. So, bagiii la pegiii.

Jeng jeng jeng!!!
*terus je la.. malas nk merepek sgt kan? Baca pn malas hahahaha*
kul 11 saya dh ngantuk, saya tido laa.. Dah nyenyak2 tidoo.. Mmg x sedar punya kul brp time tu, ttbe dgr suara lelaki nyanyi happy bday..
Buka2 je mata, nampak cahaya lilin je. Nasib baik terhidu bau perfume suami, klo hidup bau lain? Mau menangis dlm selimut time tu T_____T Heheheeheh rupanyaaa my husband yg xpernah buat surprise selama hidupnya ni, buat surprise utk saya! \(´▽`)/ hihihihihih.. Terharu sayaa.. Trimakasih husband.. It means a lot to me.. Ada effort.. Adaa.. Heheheh..
Pastu mcm biasa la, tiup lilin, makan kek pastu bukak hadiaaah.. :)
Trus tido balik. :p

Pagi ahad tu, saya cek la fon.. Kot2 ada yg wish kt sms ke.. Bbm ke.. Fb ke.. Twitter ke.. Eeeeh, rupanya mmg ramai. Kt twitter plak yg ramai wish awal. Mcm laa, blh kuar tarikh bday kita kt twitter tu kan? Hehe.. Anyway, thx to all yg wish.. Especially TGVcinemas n Nuffnang! ~(˘.˘~)(~˘.˘)~
Yeah! Dapat bday wishes dr nuffnang n TGVcinemas.. Dapat bday present juga! :)
Nak kutip jgk email dr nuffnang pastu post kt sini hihihih.. Ni dia,

"Happy birthday from all of us at Nuffnang and the good people at TGV Cinemas! As part of the TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers, you've been selected to receive FOUR (4 complimentary passes for any movie* at TGV Cinemas outlets nationwide, which we hope will make your birthday a special one indeed :)
Once again, happy birthday and we hope you enjoy yourselves with the complimentary passes!"

Now u knoooow why I post this 1st.. Hehehehe.. Pasal wedding nti lagiii spesial ^_^

So, here in this post.. I would like to give TGV Cinemas a little shoutout for being so awesome coz giving me this birthday surprise \(´▽`)/
*nanti saya singgah nuffnang amik tix free itu yeee ;)*

Utk bday kali ini, dpt hadiah dr vietnam (t-shirt I Love Vietnam) from ekiiin :* pastu dpt lampu tidur love2 dr husband, tgk wayang "tintin" and sandal vincci kuning utk ke langkawii hahahaha.. Hadiah utk diri sndr, beli barangan skinfood je :)


mini concert of Hujan and Najwa Latief

The Host

macam biasalah. kami kanak2 riang yang gilakan retisss.. hahah..

emm tak kenal sume.. kenal adik2 junior saya je, tp nama tak ingat le dik.. hohoh.. mintak maap. kami semua bersama Hang Dimas - pemain keyboard band Hujan. katanya dia org indonesia.. daku tak tauu.. klo tau dah ajak sembang2. hehehe..

Najwa Latief yang omel2.. suara mung sedak sungguh dik.. hok lagu pung.. *betul ke apa yg  saya tulis nih? haha*

dua diatas adalah host lelaki yg ada pada petang itu. sorg yg handsome d sbelah kanan adalah hafiz, pengacara choppp! kt tv9. hehehe.. yg sorg lg tu tatau namanye siapa..

don't know his name.. but he plays guitar. :)

Noh Hujan.

juga Noh Hujan.

agak gempak yee tajuknye.. hehe.. tapi, memang gempak la mini concert ni.. tv9 yang buat dengan kerjasama Rakan Muda UKM pada 15hb10 *hari yang berapa tidak baik dalam hidup saya. sigh*
eniweiii, walopun tak penuh DECTAR pada hari itu, we had fun thou.. thx tv9 sebab buat event mcmni kt UKM.. eeeh, sepatutnye ayat tu letak last skali. hahahaa.. takpee..
nothing much to story here.. cuma agak kecewa sbb Hana Tajima tak jadi datang.. baca kt twitter dia cakap dia sakit.. Doc tak bagi dia naik flight jauh2 sbb dia tak berapa sihat.. yang agak kelakar disitu, dia boleh plak nk buat lawak *saya rasa lawak la.. hehe* dengan menulis : "...i've been struggling with illness and can't make it to UKM, just stuck with the UK" --> see? dia boleh bgurau.. walaupon dia mmg kt UK at the time she posted it.. buat saya ayat yg dia tulis tu funny.. :)

tanpa memperpanjang lg cerita mengarut, mari kita saksikan rakaman video mini concert ini.. start from Najwa latief, pastu Hujan. sebelumnya, minta maaf dulu kalau kualiti video kurang memuaskan yee.. maklumla.. bukan penggemar iphone yang kalo rakam video hasilnya mcm rakam guna video camera canggih.. HD katakan.. huhu.. tp, vids kat bawah ni takde satupun yg kualitinya HD yer kawan2..

woh! 4vid terus upload..! bjaya upload ke tidak ni? harap2 nya bjaya la.. tak sanggup nk upload balik dengan tenet yg mcm siput kt UKM -__-"
ada byk lg vid Hujan nyanyi.. tp, nk upload byk2 pon bukan ada yg nak tgk sgt kan? uhuhu.. *berharap traffic naik letteeeww hahahaha*

ok lah.. itu saja yang nak dikongsi bersama.. gambar diatas tidak termasuk video adalah hasil curian saya dari fesbuk Pjah Fzah. *tipu la.. dah minta izin dah dgn org nye..* sooo.. trimakasih daun keladheeeee.. 

catatankaki :
penyakit dalam diri yang baru disedari adalah saya tidak boleh tidak membeli barang *apapun itu* apabila keluar jalan-jalan. pergi sendiri ataupun dengan oranglain sama saja.. HARUS atleast balik rumah membawa sesuatu yg baru yg dibeli d tempat yg dikunjungi pada hari itu. penyakit kronik. dari kecil hingga besar hal ini tidak disedari krn yang dibeli pon bnd2 kecik.. pensil comel2, notes comel2, diary comel2, pemadam comel2, pouch comel2, dll yg comel2 yg best utk dibelek2 time sampai rumah. it's fun and makes me happy :) happiness is important in someone's life. klo tidak bahagia, mcmn laaah hidup seseorang tu. hmmm..


wedding shoes

i'm excited!!!!!
hehe.. over kan?
aritu, saya n 2 of my fellow friends pergi ke jusco cheras selatan.. survey kasut untuk kenduri kawin..
sbb tu excited semacam je.. tgk kasut kan? siapa yg tak excited? lebih2 lg kasut tumit tinggi yg cantik2.. wuuiiiihhh.. geram je tgk. sbnrnya nk pg tgk kat shopping complex kt KL.. tp,  pegi mlm2.. lgpon pg dgn mmbr pompuan.. so, mcm kesian plak bawa dorg jauh2.. so, pg tmpt yg near bangi je la..

sampai JCS, one of my friend ni ttbe nk tgk beg.. hehehe.. pompuaaann.. mcm tak paham. :p
pegi la kami tgk2 beg kt jusco.. sayang, takde sale. saya pon tgk2 beg jg.. beg hantaran xde lg.. sobs sobs.. tp, tgk sume over budget jee.. klo lah sale, memang dah buka dompet dah.. *buka je -____-*

disebabkan jusco sale HARI INI iaitu 14hb10, bukan that day yg ktorg pegi tu.. kami memutuskan utk cuci mata je.. wuwuwu.. pastu, start la pg tgk bahagian kasut pula..
gataaall nk try ni try tu.. byk jgk la ktorg try2 kasut.. tp, gbr tak byk.. sbb byk sgt cuba2.. hehe..
beberapa gambar di bawah adalah kasut yg ktorg try n rasa2 mcm cantik utk kenduri..

ini cantik.. tp terlalu simpel.. harganya pulak.. mahal! huhu..

this one is my fave! simple yet elegant.. harga pon murah..

yg ni tgk depan2 sgt cantik.. tp tgk kt gbr mcm biasa plak.. harga? out of budget. huhu.. actually cari kaler purple atau gold.. yg hitam tu saja try..

this one is cute! ada kt vincci.. tp, kaler putih..

yg ini biasa je.. tak minat.

yang ini caaaantiiik n sexy.. tp, mahal sgt.. dah lari gile dr budget.. so, skip. huhu..
hmmm.. susah jg cari kasut utk wedding party ni kan? dah la nnti kne pakai kain jawa.. so, harus cari yg sesuai dengan pakaian..
my bestfriend kt indonesia ada tolong surveykan juga.. yang dia tgk, sume cantik2.. tapiii, harganya pn cantik -____-"

super sexy!!! harga pon super.. -___-" tp yg ni saya mmg minat sgt2.. klo ada duit lebih n tak jumpa yg cantik kt sini, saya beli kottt. huhuhu..

ini cantik tp kasut tertutup.. saya rasa tak sesuai pakai mcm ni dgn kain jawa.. so, reject.

yg ni plak, kasut wedding bestfriend saya tu. hehehe.. her mom yg belikan, hadiah wedding. cantik! sesuai dengan tema saya, purple-gold.
jadiiiiiii.. ada sapa2 nk sponsor utk kasut wedding saya? hahahaha motif sangat.. :p

Big Bad Wolf Sales 2011

When i read the title of my post, i can't tell that it was a big sale for books. 
i think it was a sale for animals.. or pets.. hahaha.. no no no.. i just didnt know that its about books. 
But, it is!!!
A BIG place that full of books, comics, magazines, and counters. hehehe.. yeah.. yesterday was my first experience went to the BBW. Since i landed my feet in Malaysia, i've never been to this kinda sales. Actually, never been to all kinda sales in Malaysia. Pity me -___-"

So, here are the piccas that i've succesfully captured from the moment i arrived at MAEPS near MARDI.. enjoy ;)

Inside the 'tram' *did i spell it right?* with my housemate Azlin n my  neighbour fellow, Fizah

all of the "for DUMMIES" books are here.. waaaa..

the cover of this book is cute..

crafting books.. crazyyy.. i wanna buy all of those crafting books i've seen there.. heheh..

thats me. the fat one who wore america's flag shirt. huhu. it's candid anyway.. but i manage to smile.  *am i?*

this pic was taken by my housemate. curik n upload dulu. hahaha

this is when i queued to pay the books.. and i saw this red riding hood girl.. *yeaaah* n i was like "hey, is that Hamis Jalikha?" then, i took her picture. hahahaa.. after that, i realized that she's not the person i was thinking. d-oh.
but she's beautiful thou :)

all of the above piccas was not the books that i've bought yesterday. hehe.. they were just the spice of my entry. eceeehh. :p
The piccas that u will be seeing was the books that i really2 wanna buy n i've already bring it to where i go while searching for mom's fave "tottochan" *which i couldn't find. sigh* Buuuut.. i chose not to buy. hiks.

this papercraft book was soooo breathtaking. the first time i saw it, i dont have time to think twice. i just took it n hold it in my arms. huhuh.. but, then.. i let it go -_____-"

this jacko's heavy memoirs book was breathtaking also.. thou i'm not his die hard fans.. but he is the king of pop y'all! i've got to have his book, atleast.. but then, when i think of my bf.. i finally put this heavy book back.. why did my bf interupted??

this is the only novel that caught my eyes. i want to buy this yesterday.. but, tell my self that this is a waste..  i don't have enough money to pay for other books if i buy this. thou it is very very very cheap! huhuhu..

Sooo.. when i finally made up my mind which books i should buy.. i hurried go to the counter n pay. after i paid all the books, i searched for my friends.. then, i found them in SKIN FOOD booth! waaa.. i'm so excited!!! hehe.. but they taken picture with the famous Melissa *the person who replies all of comments n questions in facebook page of Skin Food Malaysia* without me. -_____-"
nevermind, thou i didn't have the chance to take pictures with her, i came home with a lotta free stuff from SF. yay! thx to her.. hihihiih.. these are the piccas yo..

Azlin, Melissa, Fizah
tadaaaaa! those free stuff was not only one each ok.. i got more than one for the GoldKiwi, the Salmon, the Agave, and the Aloevera. uuuuw... i love it! hehehe..

And... we go home.
the tram. its cute! and it has name on each tram. the one we ride was Ikan Siakap n the one at the back was Ikan Mas. hehe

and that's me with my books, fizah + ekin with hers. happy!

So, what books that i bought actually??? hehehe.. u wouldn't believe i bought these books. me neither. huhu.

of all 6 books that i bought, only one book for me..

this one is for my mom. i couldn't find "tottochan" so, she requested this.

this one also a request from my mom..

this is a birthday present for my mommie.. she'll be 50 something this 18th. i bought this for  her spare time.. for sharpen her brain. fuyyo. hahaha

this one also for  mommie's birthday present..

and this..

finally, mine!!! huhuhuh.. actually, i have one book in mind.. an IT book.. flash cs4. but, i dont know why i chose this out of that important book. huhu.. wish i could go to BBW again.. -___-"

okay. that's all.. anyone wants to take me go to BBW again? i really want to buy other books there.. yesterday i didn't bring enough money.. sobs sobs..